Contact: Josh Pulliam (JPM+M)

Angelique Ashby Calls on All Candidates for Mayor to Sign “The Clean Money and Transparency Campaign Pledge”

Ashby Successfully Led Sweeping Ethics Reform Package for City Government, Continues Effort to Clean Sacramento’s Broken Ethics

“Clean Money and Transparency Pledge” Ensures that All Donations to Candidates in the Mayor’s Race Meet Ethical and Transparency Standards

SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento Mayor Pro Tempore and two-term City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby’s campaign for Mayor today announced that she has signed “The Clean Money and Transparency Campaign Pledge” and called on all candidates for Mayor to join her in signing the pledge to reject the influence of outside special interest money on Sacramento’s Mayor’s race.

“Our next Mayor must lead with ideals and high ethical standards, the residents of Sacramento deserve nothing less. That’s why I have pledged to run a transparent and honest campaign, so that voters know with 100% certainty who has donated to my campaign,” Mayor Pro Tem Ashby said. “I led the passage of new ethics reforms in Sacramento, but there is more to be done and it starts here with our campaigns and I am asking all candidates for Mayor to sign the Clean Money pledge rejecting any dirty campaign donations – let’s raise the bar, and engage in an issues based campaign that Sacramento can be proud of.”

  • Run a Positive and Honest Campaign
  • Refrain from Unfair Personal Attacks
  • Make all Contributions Transparent to the Public
  • Reject all “Dirty Contributions” Funneled from any other campaign committee

Ashby continued, “We can elevate the ethical standards for our campaigns and for Sacramento. Let’s lead by example, for the benefit of all our city’s residents and families.”