One Sacramento:
A Safe, Vibrant City for Everyone

This plan, my Mayoral Plan for Sacramento, is rooted in my strong belief that Sacramento’s most precious resource is our people and that every challenge — no matter how big or small, opens up the opportunity to achieve positive outcomes for our city.

Serving as Sacramento Vice Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and as a City Councilmember who has represented over 106,000 city residents, I am proud of our many successes in Sacramento since I was elected six years ago.

Together, we got Sacramento back on a positive path in the aftermath of the Recession, we strengthened our city’s finances, improved emergency response times, protected families and neighborhoods, secured critical funding for libraries and after-school programs, and revitalized downtown.

None of our successes would have been possible without the resiliency, the talents and tenacity, and the incredible spirit of Sacramento’s residents. Time and again we have proven that anything is possible when we are laser-focused, working together toward a united purpose.

Looking ahead to the next chapter in our city’s history, let’s turn the page and ensure that Sacramento is truly an open book — let’s engage our people, empower our neighborhoods, and encourage everyone to make a positive contribution to our future.

As a Councilmember, a business owner, and most importantly as a mom, I am 100% committed to our city, now and for the future. I will focus my energy and experience on protecting families and making every Sacramento neighborhood vibrant and safe.