2. Livable City: Arts and Culture Preservation — Supporting a thriving arts and cultural scene

  1. Sacramento Needs a New Community Center Theater: We must commit to investing in practice and performance spaces, public art, and programs that reach every corner of our city. The creative class is alive and well in our region and needs the support of our city through grants, space, marketing, and investment. Recent investments in performance space for cultural arts, the ballet and the B St Theater, are a good start, but that effort must continue. An ongoing funding source for cultural amenities would ensure more opportunities across Sacramento and should be a priority moving forward.
  2. Our Convention Center Must be Updated for our City to Become a Tier One Tourist Destination: Sacramento has the potential to be one of the top 25 convention business cities in the nation, but to do so we need to invest in developing a modern Convention Center & Theater District. No real investment has been made to these facilities since the 1990s, and the city must partner with the business community to see significant progress.
  3. Untether Arts Funding From the Location of Public Projects: Our next mayor must lead a city and county effort to bolster effectiveness of arts funding by untethering art projects from the exact location of public capital projects. When some of our city’s best works of art are in the courtyards of government buildings, then bureaucracy is coming between our artists and our community. This is a no-brainer that simply requires the will to push through reform.
  4. Powerhouse Science Center: It’s time to push forward this amazing hands-on family science learning facility on the banks of the Sacramento River. As Mayor, Ashby will continue to champion efforts to find funding sources to allow this project to move forward and break ground. Planned at the old PG&E powerhouse, it is expected to draw over 300,000 visitors a year. Its location will help bring together the Sacramento Railyards, Discovery Park, Old Sacramento, and the Sacramento River Front. As the Railyards come alive and new infrastructure reconnects these neighborhoods, now is the time to move this project to completion.

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