3. Make Downtown Welcoming for All Families

For Sacramento’s Downtown renaissance to succeed, we must continue to make downtown inviting to local families and tourists.

    1. Wayfinding: From apps to maps to easily found and read street signs, let’s welcome people downtown and help them find their way to events and parking.
    2. “One Sacramento” Volunteers are a Huge Part of our Plan to Welcome Families Downtown: Easily identified and carrying flashlights, maps, and a breadth
      of knowledge about how to traverse our urban core, these volunteers will help with parking at major events and add to a sense of excitement, community, and safety in the city.
    3. Clean and Safe: As families come downtown for game nights and other events, it is critical that our city puts its best foot forward to ensure that every parent knows that their family is safe.
    4. Fully Light Downtown Streets: Let’s make every downtown block feel safe all night by ensuring that our central city is well lit.
    5. Neon Lights District on K Street Downtown: Incentivize a Neon Lights District to grow on Downtown blocks of K Street that play on the strength of existing signs on the Crest, Esquire IMAX, Pizza Rock, and a growing number of other venues. Incentives for businesses and changes to the city’s streetlights can extend the growing sense of nightlife in our downtown core.
    6. Increase Pedestrian and Bicycle Accessibility Downtown: Create safe routes in and out of our central city.
    7. Access for People with Disabilities: Ensure that our downtown is accessible to all.
    8. Improved Transit Experience: Improved safety and cleanliness on trains and at downtown stations.
    9. Virtual Welcome Center App: Featuring walking tours, maps, discounts, information on local businesses, museums, happy hours, and safe transit options, a virtual welcome center app will help families and visitors explore our city.