Advanced Technology

Expand Shot Spotter Beyond Pilot Program

We can reduce negative interactions and improve efficiencies through the use of technology like Shot Spotter, a program that uses sonic waves to identify the source and location of sounds like gunshots and fireworks. Using this technology, officers have far better information when they respond to a call for service involving the sound of gunshots. Shot Spotter is currently a pilot project but should be expanded to areas of the city that are struggling with violent crime.


Sacramento’s Police Department has embraced CompStat — the data-tracking program that allows the Department to embrace policing strategies that are data-driven and performance-based. Now it’s time for our Fire Department to follow their example, and the example of the Los Angeles Fire Department, by implementing FireStat. This system not only will provide additional real-time data to help reduce emergency response times, but it will also help the city provide transparent data to our community. As our city grows and challenges evolve, the value of this new technology will only increase.