Animal Cruelty Task Force

As part of our next mayor’s focus on community policing, we must create an Animal Cruelty Task Force in partnership with the Sacramento Police, the Animal Care Services Division, and the City Attorney’s Office. Through the partnership of the Police Department, the task force will ensure that search warrants can be acquired to investigate cases. Creating a hotline will allow community members to report incidents to the task force and to animal services investigators.

There must be a follow-up with the Council on the progress, and outcomes of the task force, and an annual report on the treatment of animals in our city. Additionally, the task force should report back on the necessity for creating additional positions to animal care services for purposes of addressing neighborhood needs.

At the same time, we must lead by example and commit the additional resources necessary to Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter to first meet baseline service levels, and ultimately become a “no kill” shelter.