Community Policing

Problem Oriented Police (POP) Officers were part of a highly successful program in Sacramento that personalized policing — working with members of the community to build partnerships and focus on prevention; a proactive approach to reducing crime, as opposed to our current reactionary approach. POP officers are freed from reacting to 911 calls, and they can spend time engaging positively with the communities they serve. It’s time to bring back this highly effective program.

Sacramento Community Police Commission

Our next mayor must follow through to ensure that our City’s new Sacramento Community Police Commission successfully brings community oversight and input into the policies of policing in Sacramento. As Mayor Pro Tem, Angelique Ashby spearheaded this oversight commission’s creation, and as Mayor, she will ensure that its members are empowered to bring forward policies that will improve community policing efforts.

Neighborhood Prosecutor Pilot Program

Expanding on the existing Community Prosecution Unit, we should collaborate with the county to launch a Neighborhood Prosecutor Pilot Program to work with police and local communities. This program should focus on high crime neighborhoods, building community trust in partnership with police efforts to combat gang activity, drug trade, human trafficking, and domestic violence. Los Angeles has a similar program, which can provide a model for creating a pilot program here in Sacramento.

Get Local and Empower Neighbors to Address Crime and Blight

Expand the Justice for Neighbors program to provide one team (City Attorney, Police Sergeant, and Code Enforcement Officer) for each council district, to address issues of blight, nuisance, and criminal activity that negatively impact communities and require legal action to correct. These include: illegal dumping, squatters, absent landlords, dangerous buildings, irresponsible business owners, and high volume non-residential users of 911 (such as an irresponsible drinking establishment or motels that attract criminal behavior).