Emergency Preparedness

Improve Emergency Medical Response Times

Sacramento needs to add ambulances in order to provide critical life saving emergency services. Currently, the Sacramento Fire Department’s (SFD) Advanced Life Support Ambulances are experiencing unsafe levels of utilization.

As our city grows, we must ensure that our emergency response capabilities grow with it. The next mayor must fund additional ambulances to reduce the workload, ensure that response times remain low, and that SFD does not lose transports to outside agencies with lower skilled personnel. To maximize reimbursement on ambulatory service, the city must work with Senator Richard Pan, who has endorsed Councilwoman Ashby for mayor, on the implementation of his legislation (AB 678), which provides reimbursement to cities for health care services, such as SFD’s advanced life support ambulances.

Build on Our Successes

Angelique Ashby ran on a platform of improving response times in her district — one key element of that was opening Fire Station 43 in North Natomas. Since then, she has spearheaded successful efforts to add ambulances in North and South Sacramento. Our next mayor must build on these successes, ensuring that community leaders have the ability to demonstrate their public safety needs and make progress towards fulfilling these goals.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Our next mayor must make sure Sacramento has a well-developed emergency action plan for natural or man-made disasters. The city must commit to updating it annually and communicating it to the public so that we are always prepared and never caught off guard. And we must maintain our Urban Search and Rescue Unit, as well as emergency responder equipment, personnel, and programs.

Flood Control

We must continue to address our flood control infrastructure needs citywide, to meet and exceed mandated flood control standards. To do so, our next mayor must build on our existing partnerships regionally and at the state and federal levels to fund and authorize necessary improvements.

Flood Control is the number one infrastructure issue that our city faces, and a very real issue for public safety. The Indomitable City is indomitable because our city founders faced the issue of flood control head on. We must renew this commitment.


Ensuring clean, safe, and reliable drinking water is a core city responsibility, and as the situation in Flint, Michigan has shown us, it is a clear issue of public safety. Our city must continue to protect our well-established water rights and defend against any threat to our water supply. That includes fighting against water diversion programs as well as standing up to federal and state policymakers, and special interests south of the Delta, that seek to allow pumping that exceeds the amount allowed by law and poses a significant threat to the reliability of Sacramento’s water supply.