Safer Neighborhoods

We Need to Get Off the Violent Crime List

While we have made good progress since 2010, last year crime in Sacramento spiked back up. It is essential that we put our city back on the path to reducing violent crime. It’s time to get our city off of our state’s Most Violent Crime list once and for all.

Currently, we share the Top 15 Most Violent Major Cities list with places like Oakland and Stockton. From the most recent FBI data (2014), we have a higher per-capita violent crime rate than the City of Los Angeles. This is fundamentally unacceptable, and we must take decisive action to make our communities safer. Sacramento should be the safest big city in California.

Renew Measure U Public Safety Funds

Measure U, the ½ cent sales tax enacted in 2012, played a vital role in restoring staffing losses in our police, fire, and parks departments during the economic downturn.

The next mayor must champion Measure U renewal in 2019, to continue to restore the ranks of our public safety personnel, or face severe cuts. Currently, the Police Department remains understaffed by more than 100 sworn personnel below prerecession levels, and the Fire Department needs at least 70 positions to return to prerecession levels.

If renewed by voters, proceeds from Measure U will show surpluses starting around 2021. These surpluses must be used to further bolster our public safety staffing and should also be used to invest in affordable housing, address homelessness, support youth programs, gang prevention, after school programs, and parks and recreation — all of which contribute to supporting public safety.