Next Phase Projects — Positively Forward

Sacramento is in the midst of one of our most exciting periods. We are seeing investments across the city, from North Natomas to Delta Shores, and from downtown to the 65th Street University Innovation Village. The next mayor will need to expand opportunities to all communities and neighborhoods in Sacramento.

Critical Next Phase projects to continue Sacramento vitality include:

  • Community Center Theater Transformation: Sacramento deserves a premier community theater. Ashby supports the complete redesign and transformation of the theater, with construction completed in her first term. Current proposals have construction timelines that are 6-8 years in duration. We must work with the performing arts community to close that time gap and maximize resources.
  • Convention Center Expansion: The convention center has not been updated in 20 years and is not competing well with cities of a similar size. Our next mayor must support efforts to expand the convention center to attract a larger number of conventions and to support events that are enjoyed by local residents and tourists. Expanding the convention center will generate local revenue through sales and hotel taxes, as well as parking revenue.
  • Riverfront Development: Opening up our riverfront is a conversation long overdue and, in part, complicated by the need to coordinate with many governmental entities such as the Army Corp of Engineers, Sacramento Area Flood Control, and State Parks in order to move forward. The riverfront offers Sacramento’s next opportunity and challenge — and it’s one that we must embrace head on. The city must immediately start the dialogue with our partner agencies to lay out a strategy for development.
  • Sacramento Center for Innovation (SCI): The SCI will couple resources from CSUS to create a hub for science and technology advancements. With planning well underway, the next mayor must develop a robust incentive package, ensure a streamlined review process, and foster partnerships to create a hub for clean, green, and medical technology jobs.
  • Railyards: The Railyards will double the size of the Central Business District and offer an incredible opportunity for Sacramento. In addition to the restoration of the historic shops, the next mayor will need to see through the MLS stadium, courthouse, Kaiser hospital, and infill housing proposed to revitalize the area. We have seen many iterations of Railyards projects fail, and we cannot allow that to happen again.
  • Natomas Arena Reuse: The designated reuse of the arena site in Natomas is a partnership with the Sacramento Kings to create an economic engine with high-wage jobs for the region. The Kings and the City have a shared vision for getting this right, and we must remain an active partner as we continue with the effort that has been put in motion.
  • Delta Shores: This project is an 800-acre master-planned development that will feature 1.3 million square feet of retail, 250,000 square feet of commercial and is anticipated to house over 5,000 residents. Delta Shores represents an exciting opportunity in the south area of our city. As Mayor, Ashby will encourage the project to remain on schedule while ensuring that any growth is beneficial to the surrounding existing neighborhoods.