Contact: Patrick McGarrity (JPM+M)

Court Update: Steinberg Can’t Use Illegal Funds In Primary

Ashby Campaign Successfully Prevents Steinberg from Using Illegal Funds in the Sacramento Mayor’s Primary Campaign

SACRAMENTO, CA — Today, Superior Court Judge Raymond M. Cadei ruled that because Steinberg agreed under penalty of perjury to not spend the $220,000 and because as an attorney Steinberg is an officer of the court and bound to his declaration to not use the funds, a preliminary injunction was not warranted.

Today we were able to successfully prevent Steinberg’s campaign from using over $220,000 in illegal campaign contributions in the Mayoral primary — money that should have never been funneled from his state war chest into a local race.

— Josh Pulliam, Ashby Campaign Spokesperson

Darrell Steinberg agreed under penalty of perjury to not use any of the funds that Ashby’s lawsuit sought to keep out of the mayoral primary campaign.

— Andy Rockas, Ashby Campaign Attorney